Forging Ahead with Grandmother Salmon




Keep going. Don’t give up when something feels hard or you don’t feel worthy or you don’t know more than just the next step. Keep walking the path you know is yours. It’s a timeless theme, as countless movies, blogs, stories and memes attest.

Lately Grandmother Salmon has been the one reminding me to be intentional about charting my course and consciously navigating it.

For a good week or so, she popped up constantly in my daily oracle card spreads, wending her way from one spot to the next. She was everywhere, from my main issue to the best source of support, from the obstacle to the inspiration and also the way forward.

Here’s how she came to me when I was writing my Grandmothers Oracle deck

The course of your mission, your calling, your purpose is imprinted inside you. It is as instinctive as breathing and just as vital. Grandmother Salmon arrives today with inspiration and cheer. She encourages you to listen to your instincts and believe that you will know the way forward, wherever you are on your journey.

She knows when and how to swim back to the place of her birth, there to spawn jewels of new life as a true testament of the ability to overcome adversity. Her journey upstream may take hundreds or even thousands of miles, but she forges ahead, determined to reach her destination.

Like Grandmother Salmon, you may feel like you are traveling a different direction than those around you, and there may be times when the current feels too strong to overcome. Witness her resolve and set the intention of being true to your own course no matter what. Call on her to help you leap up waterfalls if that’s what it takes. She is not suggesting you need to work harder or that you should bully your way through life. Rather, her message is a reminder of what you can overcome when you consciously merge willpower with instincts.

Regardless of the challenges you face, keep swimming and trusting your inner knowing to lead you. You, too, know the way and have the capacity to follow it.   

It struck me tonight that she is also one of the Grandmothers of possibility (one of four categories in the deck). Who knows what adventures await when we stay true to our own paths and just keep going

I’ve been wanting to write more and do more and learn more and­­—like any working parent—wondering when, where, how. Before going to bed, I did a quick spread and guess who showed up again, front and center. 

Thanks, Grandmother Salmon. Tonight the answer is: now, in my pajamas, just like this. Happy Monday, everyone. Let's keep going.