What Do You Want to Give Birth to?

This week, two different strangers wanted to know if I was expecting another baby.

(Sidenote: Never ask a woman this question, please. If you don’t know her, it’s not your business. If you do, she’ll share on her terms. And when the answer is no—like for me—the exchange is awkward and abrasive, regardless of the intent.)

Loving my body through the changes of motherhood has been challenging. Those comments smarted despite the buffer of all the layers I’ve already healed around this issue. But then I remembered a different question I’d received only the day before.

Dragonfly Wisdom

I’ve been seeing dragonflies. Or rather, one dragonfly on repeat. At least, I hope he’s the same one. On my street, near a row of pine trees, at the top of the walking loop around the local park where he seemed to wait and hover for me each time I came around. Today I glimpsed him darting in the leaves of the locust tree above my neon pink hammock. I’ve been trying to figure out his message for days.