Lessons in Forgiveness

The ability to give and receive forgiveness is a superpower we all have. I haven’t always appreciated this. For most of my life, I believed in repentance and atonement as essential for salvation. Of course, this isn't mutually exclusive with individual power to forgive, but abandoning these and certain other religious beliefs in 2012 made me take more accountability for myself. It also fleshed out my understanding of forgiveness.

(In sharing, I have no desire to offend, alienate or judge anyone who feels differently. Each of us has the privilege and responsibility of discerning what resonates. This is just part of my personal evolution, and I want to be honest with you.)

The Surprise in Breaking Open

I was in high school—about 20 years ago—when I first became aware of stone symbolism. The concept gripped me. I loved choosing jewelry or individual stones based on the associated meanings, both for myself and as gifts for loved ones.

In February, my relationship with stones expanded dramatically after I reconnected with a dear friend.