full moon tea party


This is a new tradition I've been doing with my young daughters to connect us with the rhythm and magic of the moon cycle. It will also create sacred space for discussing important things as they get older.

Every full moon we prepare a special meal or treats, light candles, read my invocation or other moon writings and drink tea together from the moon mugs each of us have chosen only for this use. I'm sure our ceremony will evolve as they grow. And when my girls spread their wings someday, each of them will carry their personal moon mug to continue the rhythm wherever they land. 

Want to try it?

  • Invite your sisters, friends, mama, aunts, grandmas, neighbors - anyone you want! Have fun creating the invite. Use glitter, stickers, fancy paper. Send it snail mail. You might consider including a Magic Moon Book with instructions like this. My daughters loved helping me cover simple polka dot notebooks with shiny star stickers that we sent to my sisters along with a pillar candle. We also included a simple chart showing the dates of the new and full moons.
  • Download a copy of my invocation here
  • I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please send me a shout out!