The Grandmothers Oracle

I am honored to use this wonderful deck of oracle cards. The Grandmothers deck is an amazing tool for self-reflection and guidance when I am feeling the need for assistance in any situation. I also use them as a resource for closing my sessions with clients/patients to help them recognize that when they ask for assistance when feeling challenged – help is only an intention away. I invite clients/patients to set their intention to draw the Grandmother card that has the most valuable message for them in that moment. Perhaps they have been confused or contemplating a decision about something or just needing a closing thought to carry with them. It is great to see them light up about what card they pulled and how it relates to their current state of being. I love the cards for myself and my clients/patients.
— Gail McCarthy
Hi Kara! I was given your beautiful deck by my very dear friend Jamie. Though it’s the newest deck in my collection, it’s quickly becoming my favorite. Every time I have pulled cards, I feel a sense of kindness and gentle wisdom, truly like a grandmother. I envision a circle of grandmothers around me as I shuffle the deck, and when I pull a card (or cards! I usually do three), those grandmothers stand up and come closer, and speak their wisdom. Powerful stuff! Every time, I feel as if I’ve had a hug. Thank you so much for bringing this deck into the world.
— Ashley Pledge
This was my first experience with an oracle deck, and it’s been wonderful. The guidebook is written in a very accessible way, such that I think it would be very useful to those of any (or even no) type of spiritual background. The book contains suggestions for some unique and effective visualizations. For example, the entry accompanying the “laughter” card suggests pulling serious and unhelpful thoughts out your head as if they were stones “unnecessarily sticking up your gears.” This was an idea I hadn’t heard of before, and it was just the type of visualization I needed when picking that card out of the deck.

My husband has enjoyed the deck as well. He is not typically someone who is drawn to mindfulness tools like these, but he has spent a lot more time with the deck than I expected. He appreciates the mixture of wisdom and imagery in the cards and guidebook.
— Ruth VanVeldhuizen
The Grandmothers oracle deck photos are beautiful and the messages are very powerful. I got mine as a stocking stuffer and have used them every morning to start my day with an intentional focus to be tuned into for my journey as I go out into the world. I pull a card and read the guidebook for that card to see what the whole reflection from that Grandmother offers. My favorite is Grandmother Rose – unconditional love.
— Emily Hardinger

These parents and their college-aged daughter describe how the Grandmothers helped them individually and as a family activity. 

Grandmothers: we love them! With that already established, receiving the deck of Grandmothers was exciting. As I went through the deck multiple times, I had consistent cards show up, which was a pleasant surprise. As this was my first time using a deck of cards like this, I had no expectations to gauge my experience by. Here are the results:
- Easy to read instructions.
- Simple patterns that did not intimidate a first time user.
- Created great conversations with my family each time.
Kara did a masterful job in assembling these Grandmothers for our use. Thank you!
— John Free
It was fun to play Kara’s deck of cards with the whole family! I was very impressed with my first spread (past, present, and future cards). It was thought provoking interpreting my Grandmother messages from the cards and applying them to my life. I was able to see my inner strengths, understand my self-care needs, and ponder wise advice from the Grandmothers. To my surprise, I have drawn similar cards on different occasions, which I doubt is a coincidence because it was a self-care need that I need to continue to work on currently in my life.
— Jennifer Free
I’ve always had a special bond with my grandmothers. Hearing about these, I was more than willing to try it out. I was at a time of my life where I didn’t know what I needed and where I was headed and these cards really helped me with my path of life. It gave me inspiration to make some life choices. I love Kara’s writing on the different kind of grandmothers she has in the book. You can tell she really did her research on each of the animals, plants, trees, etc. It was a wonderful experience and I will do it again!
— Audrey Free