animal guides Meditation

The guided meditation was fantastic! I loved the way it lulled me into a deeper consciousness with rich visual aide and soothing synth in the recording. I’ve worked with hypnosis before and, interestingly, it brought me to the same happy, serene location where I’m able to receive messages, comfort and strength from the scenery and guides there. This guided meditation provided me a new path to this space and I’m already looking forward to the next time I’ll get to tread there by way of this new found tool for self-awareness and empowerment. I recommend to anyone interested in affirming their place in the greater weave existence!
— Jonathan Wiley L.Ac.
Kara’s voice is so relaxing to listen to and it’s easy to visualize what she is saying. So often we think we’re not meant to connect with higher beings because we’re not worthy or that they’re somehow unattainable to us. However, Kara made me feel confident, not only in my ability to reach out to my guides, but also by gifting me with the realization that there is no right or wrong way to meditate, to connect. This is a wonderful introduction to finding one’s spirit animal through guided meditation.
— Ellen Brenneman
Walking through this meditation with Kara was very pleasant, insightful and safe-feeling. Being a first-timer, the reassurances of not worrying overmuch about whether I saw exactly what was being presented was very helpful. I think the biggest benefit to me was a chance to provide myself with time, space (and a guide) for some self focus and reflection. I find myself thinking of the session often and having that place to go back to is a nice benefit. I also appreciated that there were no religious ties with the experience.
— Eric Mahlberg
Kara’s meditation has been a fantastic addition to my morning meditation practice. The imagery she’s constructed – being cradled and rocked by light – is beautiful. Her voice is friendly and encouraging. And she gives you plenty of room to adapt and adopt the concepts in a way that aligns with your personal beliefs. The heart of this meditation for me is the recognition that we hold sacred space within a benevolent and powerfully connected living system.
— Patresa Hartman
Taking this animal journey with Kara is like an instant retreat into relaxation and mindfulness. Kara’s gift of guiding you into a world of self-healing and self-protection is an internally driven exercise. Your vision and intention comes from within rather than an external prompt or visualization. Who or what shows up is inspired by a gentle awakening that you can carry with you long after the meditation ends. I did this alone as well as with my daughter, who also loved the meditation. After it was over she asked when we could do it again.
— Lori Schervish