Heart 2 Heart Oracle

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So, I’m in love with these cards! First of all, I am drawn to the color, and I always like to surround myself with plants so these cards seem very familiar already. I love how you recommend thinking of your feet growing roots because that’s a very powerful visual for me. The heart shape theme right away makes me feel comfortable and open. The guide book is so well thought out, and it does an outstanding job of explaining different ways to use the cards. I sat down and set my intention. Boundaries is a card I was very connected to, also Unplug and Perspective. I also set a few cards out in my kitchen to specifically focus on (Receive, Intimacy, Cheer, Power and Release), and this just made me happy. The guidebook also does a terrific job of walking you through each card, and I felt an empowering freedom to open my mind and enjoy. I think anyone would be able to understand how to use these cards and that there is flexibility. Well done, Kara!!
— Amy Brooks Murphy | www.beforeandafterthe