Spirit Animal Exploration

lavender bee.png

My personal experiences with Spirit Animals made me want to help others make the connection. I was thrilled when my Spirit Animals helped me write a meditation for doing just that.

Guiding groups through this meditation has been amazing, but I'd love for anyone to try it free at their own convenience.

after the meditation

Take a few minutes to jot down your experience afterwards.

What message or medicine do you think each animal has for you? Lots of people have shared their ideas about this. I love referencing them for insights, but I think the most important source of knowing is in you. Start there first. Trust yourself and honor your intuition.

Then take the time to really get to know that animal. If you can’t study it in person, look at pictures and watch videos of it in action. Study its physical characteristics. Learn about the way it interacts with other members of its own species, with predators, with prey, with the environment. What do all of those things tell you?

Want to talk about it more? Join the private discussion group on Facebook. (Click on "Groups" from the Joyful Resonance page to see it and request admission.)

My strongest interactions with my spirit animals usually come to me during meditation. Even if you just take a quiet moment when you feel like you need help and reach out, I believe they’ll be there.

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