I've learned something new from each of these sources, even if I don't necessarily agree with everything they contain. I'd love to hear what you recommend! 



  • I can't recommend the MIR Method enough. MIR stands for "Mental and Intuitive Reset." Mireille Mettes, a holistic therapist in The Netherlands, created this simple DIY system to promote self-healing. It only takes a few minutes each day. I've done the program twice and experienced huge shifts each time. This handout provides a good overview, but the best way to understand what the MIR Method entails is the short introductory video.

  • Tapping is another great DIY tool that's helped me in the past. You can learn more and find additional resources at

NDE and Past Lives

astrology and spirituality

I enjoy these sites because they help provide context for the collective energy that may be impacting us at any given time. Learning about astrology has also been a fun way to gain insights into how other people may be wired differently than I am, while recognizing that none of us fit cookie cutter boxes. I'm all for anything that promotes greater compassion, tolerance and self-awareness.