The Grandmothers Oracle

grandmothers spread.png

This 44-card oracle deck showcases vibrant photographs of animals, flowers, herbs, trees and elements. Each representative from the natural world was matched mindfully with an important message. The cards channel Grandmother energy by offering comfort, guidance, encouragement and perspective just like an ideal human Grandmother would.

There are 11 Grandmothers in each of four categories: self-love (pink), harmony (green), growth (blue) and possibility (purple). 

The deck comes with a guidebook detailing each Grandmother's message as a starting point for your own interpretation. Think of it like an interactive self-help book, just another way to have a conversation with yourself!

Download a sample of the Guidebook that includes the Introduction, How to Use the Deck and Suggested Spreads. 

$33 plus 6% sales tax for IA residents and shipping (if applicable)