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Welcome to Joyful Resonance, a collection of offerings designed to help you fine tune your personal compass and connection with the spiritual realm, whatever your belief system might be. Follow my personal journey here and on Instagram.

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Within each of us lies the power to connect with our individual energetic helpers, spiritual guides/messengers or guardian angels. I believe that some adopt the form and energy of animals in order to better convey wisdom, protection, inspiration, comfort and more.

Animal guides or messengers might show up for you in physical form, in a dream, during a meditation or other experience or simply by an instinctive knowing. Each one has powerful messages, healing and guidance. We can intuit these by studying their physical traits, living environments and behaviors; paying attention to how they make us feel; and asking them to help us understand.


Introductory Workshop: 10/1/2019 at Jester Park Nature Center in Granger, IA
50% of proceeds donated back to Environmental Education programming through Polk County Conservation.

Contact Kara to inquire about a private group workshop.

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An oracle deck is an interactive tool for self-reflection. Each card contains an image representing a particular message. By pulling cards and arranging them in specific patterns called spreads, you can explore multiple layers of interpretation for how the messages apply to your situation. 

Using oracle decks is a hands-on way to gain perspective, insight or comfort, and makes a fun activity alone or with friends. 


Featuring messages of self-love, harmony, growth and possibility from the natural world, the Grandmothers help you access ancient, wise, feminine wisdom anytime you want. 

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This unique deck provides guidance on how to navigate relationships of all kinds from a heart space, i.e., a place of love.



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